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Combs Combs Combs!

Susan's Fiber Shop has the Largest Selection of Combs for the Fiber Fanatic in the Midwest!

Make sure you get a set that has the teeth close together to give you efficient clean of your fiber.

St. Blaise Combs

These combs are excellent for doing all types of fiber. Each comb weighs 6 oz. The comb is 3" wide and has 29 tines per comb. The Blaise are the best.



Majacraft single row combs:


Majacraft Double Row combs



Louet Mini Combs

Louet Single Row Mini Combs

These combs are great for exotic fibers such as fine wools, angora rabbit, cotton, and cashmere. They also are great for dehairing cashmere and Qiviut. $99.00


Louet Double Mini Combs

Louet Double Row Mini Combs

These work very well with the same fibers as the single row mini combs. The advantage is even less debris will come through to the sliver. $155.00


Viking Combs

Viking Combs

Single row comb. Best for use with clean strong sheep wool. $49.00



Great Pad for the indigo hound hand held combs.


Schacht Diz $17
Diz Brass $25


Cherry the set is $18 Now with stone threaders only.


Viking Double Row Combs

Viking Double Row Combs

Great for dirty sheep wool, llama or mohair.
$79.00 big two row combs.

New Comblings! Two row combling Mini light weight and very nice to use. 3 inches wide. $85 excellent combs everyone should own a set of these combs.


English 5 Pitch Combs

English 5-Pitch Combs

Prepares the cleanest, silkiest, lushest sliver. $125.00



.Hackle $30

This tool separates double coated fiber (shetland &others).Good for flax.

Orders Pending



Thumb Flicker $10

Carry this tool where ever you go in your basket or purse for easy carding of fiber.This goes on you thumb and hold the lock in the other hand and card.






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