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Ashford Traditional

Includes 4 bobbins and lazy kate.

Single Drive Unfinished $565
Single Drive Laquered $720
Double drive, unfinished $585
Double Drive Laquered $740

Double Treadle Kit

Double Treadle Kit $170 unfinished

Double Treadle Kit laquered $250.

Ashford Elizabeth 2

The Elizabeth wheel diameter is 24" and is easy to adjust the mother of all. All Brass Fittings and great ball bearing action. Double drive with alternate scotch tension option. New higher ratios: 8.5:1, 11:1 and l5:1 for speed spinning. Lazy Kate and 4 bobbins included. 3/8" orifice. Requires basic assembly. Wood is New Zealand silverbeech. Options: high speed kit for double drive wheels (Ratios: 14, 17.5 and 22 to 1), jumbo unit for double drive wheels, distaff, extra bobbins, quill.

Double Drive, unfinished - $890

Lacquer factory finish - $995
Double treadle kit - Unfinished -$170 Finished - $250.

Ashford Elizabeth 2 Distaff-$102.50

Quill Spindle-$80

Ashford Traveller

Ashford Traveller

Includes 4 bobbins and lazy kate.
Single Drive Unfinished $565.00
Single Drive Lacquered $720.00
Double drive, unfinished $585.00
Double drive,lacquered $740.00

Double Treadle Kit

Double Treadle Kit Laquered $250.

Unfinished $175.

Accessories For the Traditional, Traveller, and Elizabeth
Distaff/Quill Spindle



Distaff $102.50
Quill Spindle $80

high speed flyer

High Speed Double
Drive Adapter Kit

$112 Bobbin lead.

Standard flyer unit $185

Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit $125
double drive flyer unit (for Trad)$200

Traditional Jumbo Double Drive Flyer Kit $125



Lace Flyer KitLace Flyer Kit single drive-ball bearings, 15, 20, 30 & 40:1 ratios, three lace bobbins, stretchy poly drive band, fine tuning brake, with three bobbins $245
Double Drive Traditional flyer- $66.25




Standard Flyer Unit, Single Drive: Comes with flyer, four standard bobbins, two uprights and maiden bar with knobs. Ratios of 7.5:1, 10:1 and 14:1...$185
Standard Flyer, Single Drive-$49.25

Flyer, Double Drive, with Whorl-$66.25


Ashford Joy

Ashford Joy

Lacquered finish,
folding portable single treadle $685.00
Sturdy Tan &Black Travel Bag $115.00
Joy single+ Carry Bag$785.

NEW-Ashford Joy-2 -Double Treadle -$755

Double treadle with Carrying Bag and wheel -$855


Ashford Electric Spinner-2

Clear finish $750

12VAdaptor Cord $23.


Ashford Country Spinner -2 - Unifished $710 Lacquered $870

Charka Spinner- $360






Ashford Kiwi


Ashford Kiwi-2

Kiwi Lazy KateIncludes lazy kate.

Unfinished $395.00


Laquered- $575.00

Extra belts for the Kiwi- $14.50


Kiwi Skeiner-
Can also be used separately! $110This is free standing only.

High Speed Flyer



Kiwi High Speed Adapter Kit-whorl with-$31.50

Kiwi Jumbo Flyer Kit
Kiwi Jumbo Flyer Laq. -ratios 4 & 5:1

Kiwi standard flyer Laq - $177.50

Kiwi jumbo unfinished sliding flyer hook - $142

Kiwi sliding flyer hook unfinished standard-$120


Spinning Chair

A comfy chair with back support - very portable!
Unfinished $205

Lacquered Finish $275

Umbrella Swifts



Umbrella Swift



Umbrella Swift


Bobbins, Bobbins Bobbins!


Standard single drive: $13
Jumbo single drive $15.75
Jumbo Double Drive$18.75
Double Drive or Elizabeth $18.50 unfinished $14.50
Double Drive, high speed $18.50unfinished$14.50
Country Spinner $72
Joy Bobbin, Lacquered $16.75

Sliding Hook Flyer BobbinSD $14.

Sliding Hook Flyer Bobbin DD $16.00

New Joy Lacquered SD -$19.50

New Joy Lacquered DD - $20.50

Lace $17.25
Jumbo Double drive Lacquered -$22.75

Jumbo Single Drive Lacquered -$23


Lazy Kates

Vertical Lazy Kate


Upright Lazy Kate


Horizontal Lazy Kate


Horizontal Lazy Kate $37.50


Precision Lazy KatePrecision Competition Lazy Kate
Tensioned! $63.


Maintenance KitMaintenance Kit - essential parts! $25.00


Miscellaneous Spinning Accessories


Turbo kit, stretchy drive band


Spinning oil, dispenser bottle


Tin of wax for finishing wheels


Leather for conrod


Flexible conrod Joint


Threading hook Laquered


Niddy Noddy

32" sampler







Parts Price List

Clamp for Drum Carder and Rigid Heddle Loom…..$22 /pair

Whorl only, for double drive flyer…..$15.50

Whorl only, for Elizabeth 2.....$15.50

Kiwi flyer and whorl.....$65.00

Joy flyer (including Top Shaft).....$49.50

Drive belt for drum carder, polycord…..$17.50

Drive belt for mini drum carder, polycord…..$17.50

Drive belt for Kiwi, polycord…..$16.50

Drive belt for Country Spinner, polycord…..$16.50

Drive belt for Joy, polycord.....$16.50

Cotton drive belt.....$1.95

Allen Key/ Hexagonal Wrench 4mm - suitable for all Ashford wheels…..$2.50

Wheel only, for Traditional…..$180.00 (prices vary for other wheels - call or email)

Adjusting board…..$7.50

Drive band adjusting knob…..$7.50

Con rod, for Traditional…..$7.60

Crank (single treadle)…..$17.50

E-clip (Metal retaining clip)…..$1.35

O-Clip (Nylon Retaining Clip).....$1.50


Flexible nylon conrod joint…..$2.35 (for newer model wheels)

Leather conrod joint...$3.50 (for older model wheels)

Flyer hooks (set of 12)…..$4.00

Tension pin/Hub pin…..$1.90

Maiden upright ( includes 1/2" flyer bearing - front)…..$16.50

Maiden upright ( includes 1/4" flyer bearing - rear, split)…..$17.50

Jumbo maid upright (includes 3/4" jumbo flyer bearing).....$17.50

Maiden bar assembly for TDSW/DDSW.....$44.00

Maiden upright bearing 1/4" (rear, slit), nylon…..$3.50 #109302

Maiden upright bearing 1/2” (front), nylon…..$3.50 #109303

Maiden upright bearing 3/4" (front, Jumbo).....$3.50

Nylon brake band….$1.60

Threading hook, wire…..$2.30

Scotch tension knob…..$8.50

Tension spring…..$2.15

Wheel bearing…..$2.20

Scotch tension knob kit…..$14.00

Joy threading hook…..$14.10

Standard flyer, scotch tension…..$65.

Bobbin bushing.....$2.50

Jumbo orifice reducer bush (for finer spinning).....$2.75

Jumbo bearing for converting jumbo maiden bearing to standard flyer size.....$3.50

Texsolv heddles for table loom (8.5”, pkg. of 40)…..$19.75

Texsolv heddles for table loom (8.5”, pkg. of 100)…..$25.75

Texsolv cord, per yard.....$1.75

Warping Peg & Clamp.....$25.75

Table loom bungy cord.....$2.00

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